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It is easier to avoid these items and provide suitable nutritional food for a vegan baby and child than for one eating meat, dairy and eggs.
Children deserve to know the truth about the 'process' of 'harvesting' food before they make the decision to contribute to pain and death and destruction, poisoning themselves and their environment, before they are old enough to be informed and understand the implications we should surely help them to be as compassionate, and healthy as possible ... perhaps then they can avoid the pain and suffering of the regret of being forced to take part in self destruction, cruelty, and pollution of our earth ...
What vegan children eat -
Vegan childrens books
Vegan children are the future

Let's protect them first, and educate them, then they can make informed decisions. Surely not many would chose to contribute to terrorism of animals, destroying their own health and poisoning the environment ...

Give them the freedom to chose when they know what the choice is, but let's not force them to contribute to the mainstream massacre!

Children's Vegan Party Food