The Environmental Benefits of Veganism


"You cannot be an environmentalist unless you are a vegan, period." ~ Howard Lyman

Environmental Benefits of Veganism
  • Well, clearly there would be less fecal waste! Lets not forget that much of this waste is unregulated and can leech into the water table. Given the amount of chemicals used in the meat industry this waste is not beneficial to the planet or the health of any being.
  • Animal agriculture causes more pollution than all forms of transport put together.
  • More oxygen!  Rainforests are the "lungs" of the planet. An estimated 90% of rainforest has already been chopped down due to animal agriculture.  It is being chopped down at the rate of one football pitch every few minutes. This is for cows to graze on or to grow soya to feed cows. Once destroyed they take decades to recover and usually never do.
  • The movie/documentary "Cowspiracy" has a page of facts about environmental issues.
  • Livestock & Climate Change from World Watch Institution - Vision for a Sustainable World.
  • Should We All Become Vegans to Stave Off Climate Change?
  • A PDF shopping guide of palm oil free products