What do vegans not do?

  • Vegans do not eat animals.
  • Vegans do not eat anything that comes from an animal.
  • Vegans do not eat anything that comes from a human - except human milk.
  • Vegans do not eat eggs.
  • Vegans do not eat/use honey or bee pollen.
  • Vegans do not drink dogs milk, cow's milk, goat's milk, pig's milk, panda milk or any other animal milk (except human).
  • Vegans do not drink any alcohol which contains animal products. Draught and some bottled Guinness was made vegan in 2017.
  • Vegans do not eat Oreos www.oreo.co.uk/FAQ "Oreo is not suitable for Vegans" (in England).
  • Vegans do not go to zoos, circuses or bullfights or any "entertainment" that (ab)uses animals.
  • Vegans do not wear fur, leather, silk or wool. 
  • Vegans do not use any products which have been tested on animals.
  • Vegans do not approve of vivisection. For a lot more on this see Vernon Coleman's website.
  •  Vegans may not buy products containing palm oil. Millions of acres of rainforest animal habitats, including those of orangutangs, are destroyed to enable palm oil production.  This page includes a link to a guide to palm oil.   
  • Vegans do not even eat humans!