What Not To Eat

Vegans do not eat any animals or animal products. This includes eggs, honey and the flesh/meat and dairy products from any animal. The veal industry is especially cruel to mother cows and their offspring.

Some alcohol is NOT vegan. For example, many wines, contain fish or milk. The Barnivore website is "your vegan, beer and liquor guide".  Barnivore on Facebook

The "Swedish Glace" Dilemma!

Ethically vegans should also boycott food products manufactured by companies that are involved with animal cruelty and killing animals.  For example - a company called Unilever, with a terrible record of being involved with animal testing, vivisection and the maceration of millions of baby male chicks, recently bought the Swedish Glace vegan ice cream brand from a Finnish dairy company called Ingman. A vegan ice cream is now owned by a company frequently boycotted for their vivisection activity.  What would the definition of veganism have vegans do?  What do vegans do?  Well, they discuss these issues and come to different conclusions:
Veggie Views Forum Thread on Parent Companies Who Are Not Vegan
Article about Swedish Glace, with comments, in The Grocer

Of course, some say vegans can easily find "blood-free" vegan ice cream elsewhere or make their own. Others say supporting corporations, who make vegan products, is okay.

Keeping track of which companies are involved with animal cruelty and who now owns what vegan food product can get complicated!

The comments of Faye Bradford, a Unilever representative, shows that they - erroneously - regard veganism as a dietary and not an ethical choice; “The dairy and lactose-free ice cream range from Swedish Glace provides variety for consumers who are looking for diet specific dessert products.”


E numbers which contain animal found in your food

E120 - Cochineal/Carmine, this red colouring is isolated from crushed insects; Coccus cacti. E542 - Edible Bone Phosphate, from animal bones.
E901 – Bees wax, made by bees but does not contain insects
E904 – Shellac, natural polymer derived from lac beetles
E913 – Lanolin, a wax from sheep excreted by the skin of sheep and extracted from the wool
E966 – Lactitol, made from milk sugar
E1105 – Lysozyme, from chicken eggs

Here's an A-Z of some of the animals not eaten by vegans:

Ants, antelopes
Bacon (pig), Beef (cow)
Cats, Chickens (hens), Cows,
Deer, dogs,  donkeys
Fish, frogs
Giant Pandas, goats
Hens, horses
Lions, lobsters
Penguins, polar bears
Rabbits, rats, reindeer
Shrimps, skunks, squid, swans
Tigers, turkeys
X-Ray Tetra
Yorkshire Terriers

A fuller list of animals!